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Give a new purpose to your old garments!

Upcycling is the reuse, remanufacturing, or reprocessing of a material or product with the aim of reducing waste. There is a huge amount of textiles which end up in landfill every year and recycling is one of the most easily understood and effective ways to address this.

The good thing about upcycling, is that there are no limits to what you can do.

Let’s get sustainable and creative, while preserving our planet.

Working with leather


Learn how to work with Leather!

In our workshop, you will learn the various techniques to start to work with leather (upcycled) and create a handmade accessory for you.



Get your style together!

In our workshops, we talk about the latest Fashion trends and will help you by:

. Identifying your own personal Style

. Color analysis, matching your personality

. Creating balance between trends & Classics

. Dressing to your body shape, highlighting the assets & minimizing the flaws

. Clothing Combinations

. Accessorizing

. Sustainable shopping tips



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